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We are

We are a graphic design and print workshop and a team of lucky people doing every day what we love most:

working alongside great people for some of the most important and happy events of their lives

Welcome to our workshop!



Creative Mastermind &

Cupcake Specialist (Eater)



Workshop role: creation, graphic design & office DJ

Inspired by: roaring ’20s, Scandinavian design
Loves: peonies, jazz, turquoise, gold, white & pink, script fonts, cotton paper and rain.

You will ofter hear me saying:

`Do you know where is my…..?“

Find me at: Starbucks 🙂


Production Queen &

Happiness Guru



Workshop role: production, creation & healthy life guidance

Inspired by: beautiful, emotional stories
Loves: sun, sea, coffee, bows, balloons, lace and happy people

You will often hear me saying

`Of course I can !`

Find me in: the park

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Each time we see or do something inspiring, original or funny, we love to share it with you through social media.

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